How to change colour model to RGB?plz tell me,i need it urgently!1


        my PDFCreater version 0.9.8 when converts ".docx" to "pdf", BLACK text appears slight GRAY to FAQ i found to change color model,BUT HOW?please tell me

O.S.-Windows XP



start PDFCreator and choose "settings". In the left part of settings you will find "formats". Click there and select "PDF". In the rigth part you will now find a tab "colours". Here you can change to RGB.

I use a german version, so I don't know whether the described  names are all correct.

Give it a try.

thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can i know your name sir/madam?if u like!

one more problem i have that my a4 size content in .docx appears to be misalligned, when converted, in .pdf through there any solution to it?