How to change print font size?

I’m trying to change (make it smaller)  the font size in output documents (PDF).
Characters are too big, so they are cut from the right side. On the old machine we have
Windows XP (SP3) with PDFCreator (v.0.9.5) working fine for old-fashioned (DOS-text)
application.  Application prints to “Windows default printer” which is (from time to time)
our PDFCreator.  All new instalations on new (fresh) XP (even the same old version 0.9.5)
print output documents with bigger characters (font size) than earlier. So now documents
are not nice and can not be given/sent away … ;-((

Old computer had PDFCreator installed few years ago, and still works fine, but is already
to old and getting older and older  (capacitors ??). So we have prepared new machine, much
better, but still with XP (old DOS text 16-bit apps).  The very first PDFCreator instalation was
with version 1.5.1 … !! failure !!!   Next - new version 2.1.2  Failure again.
On the old machine I have found v.0.9.8 in Downloads … Failure …So I’ve looked for the same
version 0.9.5. Got it.  But new instalation of v.0.9.5 on new machine (after few other that failed)
gives no success  ;-(((

Could anybody help and solve my problem, please   ???

Stanley SIERPIEN, Lublin, Poland