How to change serif fonts to sans serif in all document?

I cannot for the life of me understand why pdf documents mostly read on screen these days are created using serif fonts… in any case I really need to be bale to view my PDFs in ANY font I choose on my system what is the best (and quickest) way to do that?


the only way to do it with our tools would be either to change the settings for the Font substitution table inside the PDFCreator printers advanced settings (and replacing all serif fonts with sans serif fonts)+ printing the PDFs to the PDFCreator printer to get a new copy with substituted fonts, or by manually changing the fonts with PDF Architect, but this only works per text blocks and text blocks inside PDFs can be smaller than expected, so solution 1 might even be better.
Both aren’t really quick, but method 1 “only” requires to be setup once. However, PDF may include any custom font, so the substitution will only work for a limited amount of documents.

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I am not going to upgrade PDF architect as the bugs, the unwanted features (annoying notification sounds you cannot stop) and missing important ones like this, are simply unacceptable.