How to change the size of the PDF file

In general to reduce the PDF file size you just have to decrease the DPI value, but it's not working with PDFCreator (1.0.2).

Test scenario:
I open a web page with several pictures (e.g. Google Images).
Now I do
  Ctrl+P - Select Printer: PDFCreator - Print Options - 'PDF' in the 'Formats' tree - Resolution: 100 dpi - Save
  Document Title: Test_with_100_DPI - Save

Now I do the same with 600 dpi (File: Test_with_600_DPI)

If I compare the size of the two files it's more or less the same - and I also can't see any differencies in the quality.

Why is it not working?



Thanks a lot for your replies.
I just installed the newest version (1.1.0) of PDFCreator and I'm really not happy with the size of the created PDF files.

Here an example (created with another PDF writer):
  ==> The size of this file is around 660 KB.

If I create a new PDF file with PDFCreator (Default values) of this example file the size is 1.3 MB (more than the double of the original).
To get the same file size as the original PDF file (660 KB) I need to set the JPEG compression factor to 10. But now the quality is very very bad.

Why are the PDF files created with PDFCreator so big resp. what settings do I have to modify to get more or less the same size as the example ( and the same quality.

Any help is very appreciated

PS: @windfire: Thanks for your solution which let us to reduce the size of the PDF file but unfortunately the quality suffering very much (see above).

@akapuma: Yes, you're right. To reduce the DPI in the printer driver of the PDFCreator works but we will never reach the file size of the example PDF.


there are two ways to reduce resolution: the way of windfire and the way of michi1.

The way of michi1 on a german system is:

Drucken - Eigenschaften - Erweitert - Grafik - Druckqualität - xxx dots per inch

Remark: on my system, 100dpi is not available, I have 96dpi

Some times ago, I compared the methods of michi1 and windfire. Result: the way of michi1 is much more reliable! Therefore, I changed the standard value from 600dpi to 300dpi.

Now, I compared the filesize of 96dpi, 300dpi and 600dpi (PDFCreator 1.0.2). Result: no change in filesize. In the past, the filesizes were different!

I can agree with michi1. I think, this option is broken!

Best regards



Sorry, I'm wrong. I made some further tests, now with a M$-Word document, containing a high resolution picture (4096 x 3072 pixels). Here are the filesizes:

DOC: 17,2MB / PDF96dpi: 0,15kB / PDF300dpi: 0,99MB / PDF600dpi: 1,12MB

=> Function works fine

@michi1: Try a file which contains a high resolution picture.

BR akapuma

compression tab
color image
check "compress", choose the compress level you want
choose "JPEG-Mmanual", and check in "Resample",choose "Downsample" or "Average Downsample",set the "Resolution" you want(default is set to 300).


Hope this helps.