How to convert MHT file to pdf?


I am trying to convert mht files to pdf and I used the command line option but I dont get any output .



Here is what I have:

C:\\ProgramFiles\\PDFCreator>PDFCreator.exe  /IF"test.mht" /OF"c:\\test.pdf"

Can anyone help.

Does the pdfcreator support mht files?

Am I missing something here?

Thank you all

what kind of file is that? and which application produces them? I have not heard of them before...


where do these files come from? Most likely you need to have a programm installed which can print them to convert mht files with PDFCreator.

kind regards,

 Hi Philip.

I have the mht files stored locally. I have installed the pdfcreator and adobe acrobat. Bascially all I need to do is to figure out how to convert the mht file to pdf. That is all.

if that helps.


 Just following up. 

I have the files stored locally but I need to run this from the command line.

All I get is a flash of the pdfscreen the comes up and nothing happens.


mht is microsoft word produced them. it works if I print it with pdfcreator from MS Word but don't work from comand line or my own appliaction using COM.