How to create filename from page?


I have a question concerning the version 0.9.9. Unfortunately our labprogram only works with windows 2000, so that we can’t update pdf-creator as well.
I’m using pdf-creator instead of a printer. And the ID for each page is unfortunately not the documentname. But this ID is always on the same position on the page, that I want to save. Can you tell me, if it is possible to use this ID as the filename of the created pdf?

I hope, you can help me!

Kind regards


as long as it isn´t the title or something that gets sent to the printer seperatly in the metadata, there is no built in automated way to create filenames from elements of the document.
However, if you are working with continuous IDs and every print job has the ID of the last print job + 1 , you could use the counter token if it is allready available in your version.