How to declare the PDF creator object in COM for V2.1

I’m neither a COM not PDF creator expert so I need a little help with this. In the previous COM interface (1.7) I could create a COM PDF object like this:

CComPtrPDFCreator::_clsPDFCreator pdfObject;

HRESULT hr = pdfObject.CoCreateInstance(L"PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator");

and I thought I’d be able to do something similar withthe new class, but the following does not even compile.

    CComPtrPDFCreator::_PDFCreator pdfObject;
    HRESULT hr = pdfObject.CoCreateInstance(L"PDFCreator.PDFCreator");

I have the .TLH and .TLI file created correctly. And advice or C++ samples would be really welcome…


C++ examples will come with the next version of PDFCreator (v2.2.0).


Ok, thanks.