How to make a PDF file without a PDF Architect installation prompt?


At any time I use PDF Creator (paid licence), I have a prompt that invite me to install PDF Architect.
I understood the proposition the first time and I don’t want to make the same answer at any time I use PDF Creator.
Is there a solution to reduce this dialog box to silence ?

I thank you in advance.



Hi Thomas,

you should only get the notification if the “Open Document” action is enabled but PDFCreator can’t find any PDF viewer on the system. The detection is very unstable at the moment due to some problems in .NET and how Windows registers default applications, but we have found a better detection for the coming PDFCreator update, which will hopefully solve this problem in most cases. Disabling the “Open Document” action in the PDFCreator profile settings should disable the dialog. If you’d like to open the document automatically and have a suitable viewer (which PDFCreator fails to detect), please use the “run script” action instead of the “open document” action as a workaround (as described here:
2.5 PDF after opening does not open the default reader )

Best regards,