How to make HOTFolder a better product


In review of your product, HOTFolder, I have a suggestion to make this product a little better. When the information page is displayed for processing, it has the following columns:


Could the following columns be added in the next release?

Date (Date for when the file was processed)
Time (Time of when the file was processed)
Source (Where the files are moved to after the processing)
Output (Filename and location of where the converted files are moved to)

These columns and values would allow someone to track the information batter. Just some thoughts from using the product. Thanx in advance.


Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for your input, I also think this is a good idea and will create a feature suggestion ticket for it.
Our team will then decide how/if/when this will get implemented.

Best regards



You also may want to let them know that in PDFCreator Business and the other ones also, when a file is converted, it pre-pends the folder name to the file name. I do not think/feel this is necessary. When a file is converted, it should be just the filename with the extension it is being converted to. I find myself removing the folder name from the beginning of the output filename. This is a waste of time. Thanx in advance and I hope they implement these ideas, since it will make your product that much better and easier to use. Have a great day.



the file name of the converted file depends on 2 things:

  1. The information passed to the virtual PDFCreator printer
  2. The settings of the PDFCreator profile in use
    By default, PDFCreator will use the document title provided by the printing application as file name for the converted file.
    There is however a <InputFilename> token which should be able to extract only the filename from the title, please try using this a file name template in the “save” section of the profile settings.

Best regards