How to Paste Multiple Pages of Text

(Win 7 Pro - 64 bit)

I have copied what will be several pages of plain text from, let’s say, a website and now wish to create a new PDF with that text.

What is the best, most efficient work-flow.?

I have tried creating a new PDF document in Architect 5, then EDIT / Type Text - creating a “text box” and then pasting the text from the clipboard. I would expect the “overflow text” (that which does fit onto the single page) to flow into new text boxes created on additional pages, but that does not happen.

I am very sure I can skin this cat pasting the text into a Word.doc and then converting that into a PDF, but I am hoping for an “all PDF Architect” solution.

Thank you! Jim in Maine, USA


not sure if this is optimal, but have you tried directly converting the website to PDF with PDF Architect and removing any non-text elements afterwards?

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Hi Robin – ummm …I sort of handed you that answer by suggesting the source of the text might be a website. But, your suggestion did lead me to what is probably the best answer to my problem.

First, I now understand that the best way to state the question is: “Is there a way to paste more than a “page’s worth” of text into a PDF Architect document?” The answer so far seems to be “No”. Even if I create a blank document with enough blank pages to accommodate the full block of text coming from the clipboard the pasted text is placed in a single “text box”, the bottom of which will extend past the bottom of the first page. The overflow text, that which does not fit on the first page, will not be transferred into a second text box on the second page …and then onto a third, etc if there is sufficient text to require that.

The most practical solutions are in PDF Architect’s “Create” menu. If I am able to save my “large block of text” as a .txt file I can import using “Create from Any File”. Even more directly, I am able to use “Create from Clipboard”. In both instances PDF Architect creates a multi-page PDF with the text being properly spread out, one “text box” per page.

Of course, even after creating a multi-page document in PDF Architect, if anything excess is pasted (or typed!) into a page causing overflow at the bottom of the page, the excess does smoothly flow into the text box on next page.



yes you are right, there is no method to paste more than a page of text into PDF Architect directly, with only keyboard shortcuts.
I think the using the “Create from Clipboard” function you mentioned is currently the best way to do this, thanks for sharing the solution.

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