How to print/export only data from a PDF form onto another format other than FDF?

I’ve come across a very frustrating issue. I’ve created a form and because of page space some fields will only show a few lines and will scroll when more text is put in than will fit.

What I want to do is when I receive the form back I want to extract all the data from the form into a text file, word document, excel document or something similar. I know there is a Export to FDF, but that is not much use to me.

How to I either print ONLY the data from the received and completed form and/or export ONLY the data to another file from the received and completed PDF form?


you can select to print only annotations on the print dialog and it will print only the form data (+ annotations, if there are any). Otherwise I think it could only be done by adding a button to the from which runs some custom JavaScript to extract the form data to e.g. a text file.

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I got the Forms Module and PDF Architect to be able to create a form and then when returned, to export the data into the form to some sort of Text file, Word Document or Spreadsheet. I don’t really know JavaScript.

So, simply, PDF Architect is good at designing PDF forms but awful at extracting the data collected into a more manipulative format?


well it offers FDF export and has a prebuilt “submit” button which can be used to send the form data to a web server, but it does lack the ability to export form data into other file types. Perhaps a work around could be to print the form data to another virtual printer which supports .txt output (like PDFCreator).

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Won’t work. It’s because there is text that does not fit into the visible part of the text box so when printed only the first few lines are printed and the rest is hidden. So to be able to save just the annotations to a file is quite important and I’m surprised this feature has been left out from PDF Architect.