How to print selection?

Hello people.

This is pretty standard functionality for most
mainstream PDF viewers out there, what I’m looking for is to have the
option to combine the Snapshot tool with printing.

In Foxit
Reader, for instance, once you select the graphics the selection is kept
and when you go to the print dialog it gives you the option to print
the selected graphics. Is there anything similar in PDF Architect?

expand a bit on this, what would be great to have is a built in
scrapbook function where you could build a new pdf file by selecting
parts of the pages and adding them to the new file. Any thoughts on how
to do this?

The way I do it now is to print specific parts of
graphics to PDF Creator and when I’m done have it merge all the pages
into a single PDF. The problem here is that PDF Creator likes to rotate
pages (or maybe the viewer rotates them prior to printing?) differently
than what I have chosen in the viewer so things get a bit tedious. I
spend quite a lot of time handling large badly scanned PDF files so any
advice would be very appreciated.

Among the software I tried using:
Foxit Reader + PDF Creator: has the snapshot tool, even a built in PDF
printer (without merge option) however it doesn’t support duplex
printing and apparently that’s not going to change for the time being
Adobe Acrobat + PDF Creator: has support for duplex printing but it
hangs on my PC all the time and asks for updates 2 times a day, Adobe
really dropped the ball on this program
3. PDF Architect: has most of what I need, apart the non obvious solution on how to print a page selection.

While we’re here, a secondary question: are there any keyboard shortcuts for rotating the viewing angle?


while PDF Architect doesn’t have the option to print a page selection, you can use the snapshot tool to capture the desired area and then use the “create PDF from clipbourd” function.
Another thing which might help improve the workflow is printing the specific parts of graphics to the PDF Architect virtual printer instead of PDFCreator. While the PDFCreator printer does offer a lot more options, the rotation is usually preserved better when printing to the PDF Architect printer, as it works in a different manner.
I am afraid there are no keyboard shortcuts for rotating the viewing angle.

best regards,

OK, thanks for the response.
The most beneficial thing about printing to PDFCreator is that I may merge pages with less actions.