How to print whole Excel workbook

Is it possible to print/save whole Excel workbook in one pdf file? If yes, how or where I have to change settings in pdfcreator, if not, is this function gonna be in a next version of pdfcreator?


in theory the follow sourcecode should print the whole workbook as pdf. file.

'print the whole workbook into a .ps - File
ThisWorkbook.PrintOut ActivePrinter:="PDFCreator", printtofile:= _
True, Collate:=True, PrToFileName:=(Path & File & ".ps")

'convert .ps to .pdf !!!doesnt work for me at the moment, maybe something is missing!!!!!
pdfjob.cConvertPostscriptfile (Path & File & ".ps"), (Path & File & ".pdf")

There are some other ways possible, for example print every single sheet and use the .cCombinall Method to put them together.