How to programmatically use PDFCreator using registry

I have been using PDF Creator from CutePDF with programmatic access but their product don't work well with 2008 R2 x64 and Citrix and their support don't seem to be able fix their compability issues.

Now I want to try PDFCreator but I don't understand how I instruct it to bypass save as and how to use a specific filename. Other than doing it in options in the GUI.

I have tried setting the keys under HKCU\\Software\\PDFCreator\\Program.
If I change the AutosaveDirectory and AutosaveFilename and open options from the PDFCreator GUI and go to Auto-save I cannot see that Filename and Directory for auto-save has changed to the values I entered into the registry.

I only have a "Default" profile, dont know if it matters.

My goal is to set filename and directory in my program and then do a print.
My program will then catch the file and mail or archive it or similar depending on the customers needs.
Should I be able to use PDFCreator that way?





Hi Kristoffer,

it is possible to do what you like to,

but it is not very easy. I do this producing tifs as output.

the big problem is, that pdfcreator is spooling. that means, that you have to wait until the file ist created before you can load the registry with the next filename.

If you want to, I can tell you how I did it.

If someone knows how to make the output sycroniousliy would make it much more easy.





I am running into the same problem with spooling.
I would like to know how you did it. VC++?


This is what I’ve found, but not using registry: