How to set autosave filename correctly

I am a total newbie to this PDFC and I assume I am doing something wrong. I am converting doc files to pdf using the autosave option. But the name of the output file is not being created as I want it to be.

On the autosave options screen, I have the filename set as

The filename-token is set as same.

I have set the directory to the right place (the same folder as the original, incidentally).

On the save options screen, I have it set the same way. Under filename substitution I have it blank, and the option for filename substitution only in is checked. I have not selected as a token anywhere.

However, when it converts, the filename always starts with which I simply didn't ask for and do not want.

If I uncheck the sustitution, I get zero output.

Am I doing something wrong? is there a fix for this? Thanks in advance!