How to share default settings with new and existing users

I need to configure the same default settings for all users, new and existing.
Is this possible?

Windows 10 LTSC.
PDFCreator 4.1.3

Thanks in advance.

Hi @RSM,

Please have a closer look here - this should apply to version 4.1.3 as well:


Hi @Sascha.H ,
already tried 2 solution, bit wihout any result :frowning:

  1. Share Settings
    To share your settings, simply export them using the Export Settings feature and save the .ini file into the user’s %ProgramData%\pdfforge\PDFCreator folder.
    Settings .ini file copied to the folder %ProgramData%\pdfforge\PDFCreator, but it didn't apply to new users.
  2. Create Default Settings
    When there are no settings predefined when the user starts PDFCreator for the first time, our default settings will be created. During this process, PDFCreator looks at HKEY\_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\pdfforge\PDFCreator (note the HKEY_USERS hive) for other defaults that can be applied.
    I copied thesettings from Current user to .DEFAULT user, but settings didn't apply to new users.

May be I doing something wrong or may be there are some other ways?

Hi @RSM,

Would you be able to test it out with the latest / newer version (let's say: 4.2.0) of PDFCreator?

Version 4.1.3 seem to contain the following 'bug': When restoring settings or loading from an ini file the updated application settings were not immediately displayed.