How to stop 2.02 from auto-installing

I am running version 1.7.3 on a RDP server but at 3:00 AM, version 2.02
is installed which breaks the code I have written specifically for

I turned off automatic updates inside 1.7.3 and also in
the registry entries for PDFcreator.  However, 2.02 still gets installed
early in the morning.  I can’t figure out what is launching the update.

How to I turn this off  (I absolutely do not want 2.02)

Ditto for that am having the same problem, and I don’t want the new version as I want to keep 1.7.3.  How do I stop this intrusion?  Don’t I have a choice?


we will need to investigate this, never heard of this before.
Definetly not done intentional. Is it still doing it, even though the current version is 2.1?

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Yes, still doing it as of this morning had to re-install 1.7.3 as 2.01 auto-instatled.

Same here.  I have to reinstall 1.7.3.  Then a couple of days later 2.02 is installed at 3:00 AM.


there is nothing in PDFCreator we can think of which would cause this kind of behavior. It would be great if you could somehow monitor what is going on at 3 AM, it is very mesterious.
It more or less has to be some local setting/group policy, otherwise far more users would be having this problem. Even with automatic updates enabled, these don't get downloaded automatically, you get a notice/question about installing the new version first.

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I reinstalled 1.7.3 Monday, 3-23-15 and it was removed and replaced this morning at 5:20 a.m.

So the 1.7.3 lasted about 2 days for me and the regular pattern is for the 2.02 version to be installed about 5:30 in the morning.   While watching my desktop, the 1.7.3 was removed and replaced in a matter of seconds as I watched.  If your company is not doing this, then who is?

I found these two files in AppWin under my user name.  I believe there was some log entries referring to the first file in the Events Log for the server.  I have deleted both files.  Hopefully that will fix it.  I think these files were left over from when I first install 2.01 manually.  After which I discovered 2.01 broke my code and I uninstalled it.  These may have been left over from the first uninstall.


Well, the 1.7.3 stayed on my system for since Tuesday, then was removed and replaced this morning with 2.02. So, problem is not resolved. Any more ideas?

Same here came back again.  So it is not those files I listed above.  There must be some other file with an obscure name that’s launching this update.  Or the 'check for update" option in 1.7.3 is running even when it is turned off within the software.  So my guess is that it is a bug within 1.7.3.  Can an earlier version be made available for download?

This is the system log when the install took place…

- System
  - Provider
   [ Name]  Interactive Services detection
  - EventID 1000
   [ Qualifiers]  16384
    Level 4
   Task 0
   Keywords 0x80000000000000
  - TimeCreated
   [ SystemTime]  2015-03-27T07:02:58.000000000Z
   EventRecordID 81625
   Channel Application
   Computer DC-SERVER.mynetwork.local
- EventData

Can you ask your programming what application creates this file:
This file did not exist before.

Also, I checked all group policy on this machine and there is no policy to install an update to PDFcreator

heerseen - check to see if you have GFI LanGuard on your system or a program that searches for software updates.  McAfee security also have a feature like that.
I found the following log that suggests that a program went looking for patches for installed software like PDFcreator.
2015-03-27,03:02:57,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘REM GFI LanGuard’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ >>
2015-03-27,03:02:57,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘REM GFI LanGuard’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ result ‘0’ <<
2015-03-27,03:02:58,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘REM Deploying missing patches’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ >>
2015-03-27,03:02:58,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘REM Deploying missing patches’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ result ‘0’ <<
2015-03-27,03:02:58,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘@echo off’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ >>
2015-03-27,03:02:58,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘@echo off’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ result ‘1’ <<
2015-03-27,03:02:58,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘setlocal’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ >>
2015-03-27,03:02:58,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘setlocal’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ ‘0’ result ‘1’ <<
2015-03-27,03:02:58,“info”,ExecuteLine ‘“PDFCreator-2_0_2-setup.exe” /VERYSILENT /COMPONENTS=‘program,ghostscript’ /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-’ parameters ‘0’ ‘0’ >>

Still doing it. This has baffled my tech and other techs in the Houston area.

Does anybody know anything?

It’s been 7 days now and PDF-Creator 1.7.3 has not been updated to 2.02.  In my case it looks like GFI Landard which is part of Viper Antivirus was the culprit because it’s purpose is to keep client software updated.  By turning off this Service in Windows I may have fixed the problem.

My advice would be to check you antivirus software to see if it has a windows service that attempts to keep all propitiatory software on your machine updated.  I know for a fact that McAfee antivirus has a similar function.  This might be what is causing these spontaneous updates.

How is it going David? I too have Vipre and have searched for the GFI Landard but have not found it. But, I did make some adjustments in Vipre and maybe it will work.
Have tried to download the latest version of 2.10 but Vipre won’t let me and 1.7.3 is the only one I can use right now.