How to use PDFCreator to split a Multi PDF file into single page JPG Images

I am trying to create a single page jpg images from a multi page pdf file by printing it to pdfcreator v.1.2.3

but so far i have not been successful.


can anyone please point me to the right direction

did anyone find a solution to this bug ?


this is not a real bug, just the slightly weird way we do this. I had to check back with Frank myself, because I ran into the same problem. You also have to deactivate the option under Save->Allow special Ghostscript chars in filename. This kills the %d again. If you have deactivated it, you will receive multiple files.

kind regards,

I have tried disabling this and it does seem that it works

thanks for the workabout - its strange but it works properly


excellent !

i think you should use PDF spliter, not a PDF creator

I have the same problem.

In Document properties1 I had Checked One page per file.

When I select Save as: TIFF or JPEG, the program create only a file with the first page, the name like: "PrintedDocument%d.jpg" (Note the characters in red) and does not open it with default viewer.

The latest release where this option works in the regular mode is: PDFCreator-0_9_3_GPLGhostscript

please, can someone fix this bug?

the latest version that does this properly is v0.9.7 which can be downloaded from here


You should better use some third party software along with all the open source stuff that you may have, may be adobe(well known brand, if budget is not a problem for you) or ClassicPDF(much cheaper yet a good alternate for adobe) if your task is so important.
I have a reservation about the open source software. There is this problem of solving the desired issue. Sometimes you have some task to be done through a software and you just cannot do it because either you dont know it, or the feature does not exist in the software. And since the open source does not have any as such customer service to guide you completely through the whole process of the problem or give you a solution, many times we end up with the problem sustaining and work pending. That is my why personal approach towards software is different at home and at office. I use open source(No one can deny its benefits), but at the same time, I keep atleast one paid software of nearly same functionality, you never know when you have to face an issue in open source and then you are completley clueless about the problem.