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Adware toolbar debate

Starting with version 0.9.7 (February 2009), PDFCreator included an adware toolbar, known as or[9][10][11][12] The end-user-license agreement for Pdfforge Toolbar by Spigot, Inc. (versions prior to 0.9.7 have a different, optional toolbar called "PDFCreator Toolbar"), states that the software will:

modify your Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox browser settings for the default search engine, address bar search, "DNS error" page, "404 error" page, and new tab page to facilitate more informative responses as determined by The Toolbar[13]

The inclusion of tool bar generated some debate among PDFCreator users. Popular browsers, even today do not have any simple option to revert to a user definable intermediate state for all settings as a new default state. The following points were remarked:

  1. The option not to install tool bar during installation is seldom exercised by users. This has been addressed by redesigning the Toolbar offer screen.
  2. The software performs "browser-hijacking"[13]. The toolbar inserts potentially unwanted advertising content into browser windows and error-pages.
  3. Uninstalling the toolbar does not revert changes to browser settings: Homepage, search-provider, and other browser settings modified by the toolbar do not revert to


I did some edits again and have opened a discussion page on this, as there were many things totally mixed up or wrong, like the vendor of the toolbar and classification by AV companies. Also, there are many emotional words, not suitable for use in an enceclopedia.