Huge file size doesn't make sense

I have 2 pdfs, one is a text file made from MS Word, and then printed to
PDF using PDFCreator, and the other is a PDF we received from a client,
also made from a text file.  The file sizes are 2.9MB and 4.8MB.  When I
try to combine these two files, using PDFCreator, set to 100dpi, the
resulting file is 367MB.  That is ridiculous, and makes no sense.  There
are two pages that contain an image, I have even tried printing to PDF
without including those pages, and the same excessive file size
happens.  Why?  3MB+5MB does not equal 300+MB!!! 

Has anyone had similar problems and do you have any suggestions?


we have heard of problems with file sizes, but nothing close to what you are describing.
Is it possible to mail us those source files for testing purposes?




I can certainly email you the files for testing.  Where should I email them?


please mail them to,


Robin - That email did not work.  Is there an attachment size limit?  The attachments were a total of 8MB.  I received the below Mail Delivery System status notification: 

Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 2

<o:p> </o:p>*