Hx64.dll - Unable to open PDFCreator

Hi, I've recently installed PDFCreator on my machine but the app does not open.
Event Viewer indicates and issue with hx64.dll.

Any ideas for this one?

Hi @mhord,

We had some issues with hx64.dll at the beginning of 2020 using version 4.0.4, but the issue was addressed and (supposed to be) resolved with the release of version 4.1.0.

Which version are you trying to install? Could you please provide info about your OS / update level)?!

Many thanks.


Looks like the version we have is quite behind.
Version 3.5.1
Windows 10 1903

Odd thing is that its working on most other computers we've installed it on. Same build!

Do you have install links to PDFCreator Business?



You can install / activate PDFCreator Professional with your license key. Older version can be downloaded here: