I Don't want PDF Architect... but It still Installs... seriously !?

The developers of PDF creator annoy me to no end :angry:
I update PDF creator, I uncheck the option to install PDF architect and guess what... well it still installs!!!
You guys are serious... that's going to get you sued :-1: :-1: :-1:

Did you do the following to avoid the installation of PDF Architect?

First setup panel:

Clicking on the upper right gear you will get this:

Deselecting the "Install PDF Architect" check-box you will get this:
(note that the text under "Welcome to ..." change
"This will install PDFCreator and PDF Architect on your computer."
"This will install PDFCreator on your computer.")

Click on "Install" then pay attention to the next panel that is trying to fool you into installing PDF Architect, you should click on "Skip"

Hello Gianni1962Pc

I know that perfectly well and that's what I did !

And yet PDF Architect was installed against my will

What I am looking for today is to which body reported this illegality :angry:


Hi Brian,

we are very sorry that you had this trouble with the installation, but we can't explain how this could happen.
We have just tested it again here and PDF Architect is not installed - not secretly and not by mistake.

Best Frank

Hello BrianM45,
this happened to me too multiple times.
You have to focus at the install / update process to check 2 times to avoid the PDF Architect.

  1. time you have to open the Advanced Setting (the wheel icon at the title scree) and uncheck the PDF Architect option.
  2. time at the next screen you have to Skip the PDF Architect.

I dont like this "feature" either, but now I know how to avoid it.

I share your absolute disgust in everything PDFCreator developers do towards forcing users towards their paid services. To the extent possible I wish to wash my hands completely of their questionable tactics and create a installer that provides the advertised functionality, minus the pup/malware they force feed their users while maintaining a weak plausible deniability of their intent. Just look at the complete BS one must do to prevent installation of PDF Architect. I am starting with a fork of their open-source elements and will develop the necessary missing components in that fork.