If I try to send a pdf trough PDFCreator the pdf file is not readable (Closed)


All PDFs sent trough PDFcreator are not readable “file unsupported or damaged” if I just “print” a pdf I can open the file.

this happens on at least two Windows 10 creators update machines.

can anyone help me with this?


which version of PDFCreator is installed on the machines and which application are you printing from?
Have you tried to open the PDFs with different viewers?

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Hi Robin,

Thank you for your answer.

I’m using the latest version of PDF creator ant I try to open with Adobe reader DC.
I want to generate and send the PDF from Microsoft NAV but even when I send a test email from PDF Creator’s settings the PDF is created and sent but is not readable (ADOBE reader DC says that the file is not supported or damaged)

If i print the PDF and save the file I can read and send it without any problems.

I already tried to reinstall PDF Creator but that didn’t fix it.



I just got more information from the user. It’s just one recipient that cannot read them so she’ll save the pdf and send it trough outlook manually for this recipient.

I tried to reproduce the error on my computer and just the test email from PDFCreator is faulty (if I send any other document it works)


could you one of the faulty PDFs to support(at)pdfforge.org? Perhaps we can find out what might be causing the issue.
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