Image to PDF


I'm developing an interface to convert a image file to PDF. When I send the file to print, Windows shows the Windows Picture and Fax viewer, when I close it, then the file is not created.


I need to print or redirect the image directly in to PDF Creator like Word Document or other file types. Please help

If I click on the print button on the Picture and Fax viewer, the image is converting in PDF.

How can I fix that?




if an image (such as a logo in the email signature), the image is opened in Windows Picture Viewer but is not printed to PDF creator. PDF creator sits in the notification area on the task bar and seems to be stuck - each time you close it it opens up again. To fix you have to kill PDF creator and Outlook.


Thanks for your quick response.

Can you plesae provide the sample to test the same. We are using VB6.

Also how we can configure the same.




The team developed a new tool called Images2PDF which doesn't need a printer. If you like I can send you a link for testing.

 For PDFCreator supported files, you can use the Subroutine cConvertFile() from the COM-Interface. I use it, to convert JPEG Files.


Thanks for your updates..

One more clarification... If we are going to merge all the attached files in to single pdf; is it possible to use the same .cConvertFile().

we are using .cCombineAll() to merger all the attached files.


Also same issue we are facing while converting .html also.


Apart from this, if are going to attached PDF, getting blank PDF. Please help us to resolve these issues.




hi there, quick searching on Google brings me here.and Im currently working on converting image to pdf ,Is the script you mention  written in.Net? If yes ,Plz send  me ,thx in a beginner in pdf  programming ,I just can’t figure out which script  is best suiting me,like ample codes of image to pdf converter found by Google as well as the counterpart you mentioned above.