Images are printed in black and white since Windows Update KB5000802

Since the windows update KB5000802, many printing problems occurs. Most of them seems to be fixed by new Windows update KB5001649.
For my situation, one problem still occur : When I print from my CAD software, the image displayed in background is printed in black and white (while, the image is colored image).
If I make same test by using 'PDF architect', or 'Microsoft print to PDF', no problem, image is printed in colour.
If I unistall KB500802, it works correctly again with PDF creator (image printed in colours).

Somebody meet this kind of problem too ?
What do you think about the difference about it works correctly with PDF architect, and not with PDF creator ?

Thanx a lot.

Hi Bastien,

our team has to dive in what Microsoft has changed with this KB. Have you tried reinstalling PDFCreator? Which edition have you installed? The Free edition differs to the licensed editions.


Hello Franck,
Thanks you for the reply !

Yes, after I've installed KB5001649, I've uninstall PDFcreator, restart Windows, install again PDF creator 4.2.0 (FREE edition. I've no licence for Professional edition).

Note that I've made another tests with different printers. Here, the results :
PDFcreator FREE : KO
PDF Architect 8 : ok
Microsfot Print to PDF : ok
HP Photosmart C3180 : ok
Wondershare PDFelement : KO
PDF PRO virtual printer : ok


Sorry Bastien, at first we have to reproduce it on our side here to understand what Microsoft has changed. So I don't have a fast solution.
Do you have any idea how we can reproduce this issue on our side with common applications?


Thanks you Franck.

For now, I don't know if common applications have same problem.
I make some tests with Microsoft common applications (Photo viewer, paint, screenshot,...), and another images applications (, GIMP,...), no problem occurs.