Improving Startup Performance

We are trialling PDF Architect as an alternative to Acrobat, and generally we are happy with everything.

The only small annoyance is that when the software is used by applications to view PDFs, the “Loading Plugin Modules/Starting the UI” process adds a few seconds every time a file is loaded, something that does not occur with Acrobat. While this may seem a small inconvenience, it is enough to consider another route. While I understand that this must occur the first time the software is launched, surely it would be possible to either cache or share resources so that if a PDFA session was already open, then another session could share the resources to improve the performance?

Are there any tips to help in this scenario?


there is an option which could affect this:
In the general settings, “Hibernate on Close for Fast Launch” should be enabled, as this will keep PDF Architect running in the background
I did a quick test here with the PDF Architect Explorer preview and was able to switch between documents instantly without getting any loading messages.

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Unfortunately these options were already enabled. I must just be when another program uses PDFA to render a PDF that this problem occurs.