Incorrect handling of font

I’m using a TTF font called “Shadow”. When using pdfcreator to print a text file containing this font it fails to show the correct text in the resulting PDF. This has been a problem in the various releases of pdfcreator for many years. Currently I am using version 1.6.2 and there is still a problem.

To demonstrate I have uploaded a ZIP file (size 106KB) to Skydrive url: The ZIP contains the following 4 files:
Shadow Font test.doc (Word test document)
SHADOW.TTF (the TTF fonts being used)
Shadow Font test - pdfcreator.pdf (the resulting PDF created by pdfcreator)
Shadow Font test - bullzip.pdf (the resulting PDF created by Bullzip PDF printer)

You will note that Bullzip prints the font correctly wvhereas pdfcreator generates some apparently random characters from the font.