Incorrect PDF/A with show signature

1. step

I created PDF/A document with “Signature visible in pdf file” optional.

2. step

I verify compliance document in Acrobat 9.0.0 with PDF/A-1b standard with result “Font (Helvetica) not embedded". Document is written in Arial. Only signature include font Helvetica.

Q: How change look of signature?


Sorry I don't have the answer, however I'd like to know how you rate PDF/A created with PdfCreator? Is it good? Is it standard compliant ? Any bugs with it?



What happen if you disable showing the signatur?

Good idea! :-) Document without showing signature is correct PDF/A-1b.

But customer disagrees. :-(

Another ideas?

#1: Creating PDF/A-1b with PdfCreator is very easy. You must set combobox "Standard save format" in Options/Save dialog.

I create PDF/A from office format document only. I haven't experince with converting multimedia format or large drawing.