Inno setup file (.iss) of PDFCreator 1.9.3


Thanks for providing PDFCreator in .NET version. Do you provide the installation file (inno .iss file) of the .NET based version 1.9.3 of PDFCreator along with the source code? because the computer on which I run your PDFCreator do not have .NET 4.0 and internet connection, so if I can modify the setup.iss file to include the .NET 4.0 framework inside the setup itself instead of a internet download, that would be of great help. Let me know if you can provide the inno .iss of version 1.9.3 setup.

Thanks again.

One more point is that I have done some modifications in PDFCreator:

1. I think 150 DPI for PNG, JPG, TIF and PDF is not enough because it creates low resolution images. I am working on scanned documents and these need high resolution so I have modified PDFCreator's default profile to have 600 DPI so that all converted files have high resolution.

I want to modify the PDFCreator setup to have the new PDFCreator.exe and english.ini for new default DPI settings.

Let me know if inno setup configuration (.iss) can be provided by you so that I can include the changes in the setup itself.

Thanks again for all the efforts.


sorry we can’t provide the .iss file.

best regards


Thanks, I got it from version 1.3.2