Inserted text into PDF doesn't show correctly in other PDF viewers


I recently used PDF Architect Pro to modify an application that I was sent via email. The application looks to be a scanned document converted to a PDF. I inserted the text and saved the file without a problem. However, when I went to view the PDF in both Adobe Acrobat Reader and Foxit Reader, the inserted text was rearranged so that it was only one character wide, and everything in that text box was “stacked” on top of each other. When viewed in Architect Pro, the text box expands and shows the text as I had originally entered it. Any way to make it behave properly in other PDF viewers?


P.S. Using Architect


i will try to reproduce the prolem so we can hopefully find a solution for it.
Does this only happen for a certain PDF file, or for any PDF files where text is inserted?


I did some tests here with the same version, but wasn´t able to recreate this so far.