Install PDFCreator & HotFolder such that anyone can start the program

I am running PDFCreator & HotFolder in the Cloud. How can I install these programs so anyone on the team can start & stop HotFolderr as needed.
When I review the shortcut, the Target is "C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\HotFolder\HotFolder.exe" and Starts in "C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\HotFolder". Of course this is for my account, when I log into the system. The other members of the team cannot start the program. How can I install these programs, so that they can start them?
Can I install them to "C:\Cloud Data\Program Files\PDFCreator\HotFolder\HotFolder.exe" and have it start innStarts in "C:\Cloud Data\Program Files\PDFCreator\HotFolder"? This way, I can create icon for them and point to this location. I am running PDFCreator Terminal Server 3.3.2
Thanx in advance and I look forward to hearing back.

Also, I have it running now and do not want to lose the settings.

Never mind I got it. Thanx.