Install problems

i'm trying to install pdfcreator as a "one click solution" but running into several problems...

first of all here's what i want to do:
install pdfcreator unattended with two printers each with a unique config

here's what i do right now:
\\\\server\\pdfceator\\PDFCreator-1_7_1_setup_offline.exe /ForceInstall /REGFile="\\\\server\\pdfceator\\registry.reg" /SILENT /NOCANCEL /NORESTART /LOADINF="\\\\server\\pdfceator\\setup.inf"
as registry.reg contains the complete HKCU\\Software\\PDFCreator tree
and setup.inf the according install parameters

now what my problems are:
- when running installation as administrator HKCU differs from user paths
- nevertheless setup doesn't even recognize the registry.reg at all?!
- the second printer is not installed

anyone having suggestions how to deal with this task?
hints and approaches are highly welcome!

€ environment:
v 1.7.1 (but every other past version is "affected" also)
windows 7 clients with std. privileged domain users

noone here with similar task/problem? seems to be quite a standard installation task for me… programm+config… but…?

someone of the team here answered a couple of days ago, now as i wanted to answer his questions, his post is gone?! original link was



ah, ok. db probs, i see… 'll post the log later…


yes db disaster, everything posted in between 12.10-22.10 is gone forever.
Can you use HKLM, or is that not suitable?
Additional printers can’t be setup with either .inf files or .reg files.