Install/update/remove with software deployment tools


Today we installed first Windows 8 in our company. PDFCreator works great, but we have still some issues with upgrading.

Currently we’re using WPKG to upgrade our software.
For PDFCreator we have 2 scripts… first removes PDFCreator and next installs from scratch, works great on Windows XP and Windows 7, but not on Windows 8.

We started to search for the problem… and we’ve found that PDFCreator printer can’t be removed during system startup before system is not fully loaded (unfortunately we can’t determine which functionality causes problem - if you know please let me know). It can be fixed by setting WPKG Service to start with delay… but user must wait for first logon about 2-3 minutes even if there are no updates what is unacceptable (too long).

So… we tried to use upgrade mechanism that exists since PDFCreator 1.1.0 version and it looks like it solves upgrade problem…but not in all cases… tried to upgrade 1.4.3 to 1.7.0 fails… Here it can be cause of 1.5.1 version - installer checks if previous is older than 1.5.1 and if yes it tries again to install printer - but printer exists and it fails. Why upgrade is not working with older than 1.5.1 ???

It looks like the error happens when previous printer exists.
We’re installing in VERYSILENT NORESTART ForceInstall mode.

1) If printer exists and installation is in VERYSILENT, then maybe the good solution would be silently ignore all errors ? Or maybe additional switch /SILENTERRORS or something like this,
2) Next switch /DONTINSTALLPRINTER which would ignore printer installation in all cases, even if program is installed for first time.

If you have more suggestions, ideas, solutions then please post it here.



developement is focusing on the rewritten version of PDFCreator in C# currently and there probably will be some new deployment methods at some point, thank you for your suggestions.