Installation Path / Folder

Hi. I'd installed version 1.3.0 and today 1.3.1. Why does PDFCreator don't have the option to change

installation folder? I think versions 1.2.x give the posibility to change it. If been using it per years.



We want to simplify the setup for standard users. If you need more options start the setup with the switch /Expert.

PDFCreator-1_3_1_setup.exe /Expert

Thank you very much Frank

Are you sure? There should be a radio-button/checkbox which allows you to do this. If it is not to be found, could you be so kind and send us some screenshots from your installation?





I also want to use a different installation path, D: vs. C:.  I tried using /Expert and I was able to do so but I didn't see an option to not install the blekko toolbar.  When you did this install did it also install the toolbar?