Installed on terminal server but only the admin can us it

All users get a 75 ( path/file access error) when trying to run PDF Creater from an RDP. I verifyed the rights to the windows system 32 directory, and the PDF Creater folder under programfiles.

Onyone have a clue as to what I am missing?



did you change the default user profile?

I did this once in the classic way, create a new user, modify and copy to default. Thats no good idea! Under 2008!

I got too this error. PDFCreator tried to write to folder with the name of the original modified user I took to greate the default profile.


Which installation mode used you during the installation?



I have same problem as "gds".


PDF Creator has been installed locally.


If another that admin user prints something to PDFCreator printer nothing happened...


Could you please help me?

Ok I kinda got it working. I uninstalled the program. reinstalled it on the terminal server in install mode. At first this seemed to work. but now everyone on a TS session gets the popup where you name the document and if they cancel I get nothing but a blank page saved to the network location I have designated.

is there a way to isolate the TS users using this so that it does not show on all TS session screens?

so original install was the wrong mode.

Does PDFforge have some documentation for 2008 terminal server?

I fixed this issue by install PDFCreator in Standard Installation mode.

Other Users do not get the pop up when other users try to print.