Installed pdf creator on printserver - what now?



I just installed the pdf creator on a win server 2008 X64 and it installed the X64 & X86 drivers correctly and it is working on the server.

Now I shared the printer and installed the shared printer on a X86 Vista client.

When I print from the X86 vista client it sends the document towards the server and opens the pdf creator program and asks to save the printfile.

Is there anyway to save the pdf file on the clientside??




Have you read the help file?

Using PDFCreator -> Installation Types ->

Server Installation: A server installation sets up a network printer for PDFCreator and allows computers on your network to create PDF documents, Bitmap images, and Postscript files remotely. If you use a server installation on a terminal server, make sure that you do not install PDFCreator in application mode.

With a server installation, you can use Auto-Save Mode to automatically save documents to a specified directory with UNC-pathnames and/or filename tokens (for more information on Auto-Save Mode, click here). When using this feature, make sure the user has access rights to save in the specified directory.
Example: \\\\file1\\users\\\\PDFs

Note: When using a server installation, make sure to create a share for the printer with user access rights belonging to yourself. Also, make sure that at least one instance of PDFCreator is open. You can install PDFCreator as a service by using the "instsrv.exe" and "srvany.exe" tools from the resource kit of your Windows installation. If you do install PDFCreator as a service, make sure to use a user account with access rights writing in a Auto-Save directory. Settings can only be changed on the server. Users cannot change any settings in PDFCreator.

What you can do is create more printers on the server, and each client uses his own printer. In the auto-save you can include the printername into the filename, thus separate the files with a script or something.

I am having trouble creating multiple instances of PDFCreator on a single server.  Can you assist me?