Installer Service Unavailable?

I have PDF Architect 5 installed. When I try to open a PDF, it tells me that a new version is available for download. When I click Download, it tells me “Installer Service is Unavailable”.

very annoying.

Hi there,

I have one suggestion / some instructions for your:

  1. Please uninstall PDF Architect 5 and restart your PC

  2. Download and install PDF Architect 5.1 using our MSI installation package:

  3. Unzip file ‘’

  4. Go to folder and select between x64 (if your PC is running 64-bit Windows) or x86 (32-bit)

  5. Start with double-click on file ‘pdf-architect5-startup-’

  6. Continue will all other files (in any order you like)

  7. After the installation has been completed start PDF Architect and (if necessary) go to Help > License information and enter your license key

Best of luck.

Kind regards

When I try to uninstall PDF Architect 5, it reports

Windows Cannot find 'C:\Program Data\PDF Architect 5\Installation\PDFArchitectInstaller.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

There is a file in there named PDFArchitect5Installer.exe, when I try to run that I get a message that “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.” There are a numberr of .msi files in there which seem to correspond to the various PDFArchitect modules. Is there one of those I should try in particular?