Installing second PDFCreator printer

I have some users who have successfully installed PDFCreator on WinXP, Vista and 7 for general purpose use.
For a specific application I need to enable those users who require it to set up a second PDFCreator printer with a different name, installed in a separate folder, under c:/Program Files/appname.
The AppName Printer should be callable, ideally, from both Print Menus and from Windows Explorer, so in the latter case it should appear as an additional menu item in Windows Explorer. Newly created PDF files should always be created in a specified user folder and will be consumed by appname.exe set up as an 'ActionAfter' by the installation procedure. No operater intervention should be required between choosing from the menu and the automatic execution of appname.exe.
In the hope that this aim could be simply achieved I tried using the following command line on WinXP with a standard PDFCreator already installed. The result was a refusal to install without first uninstalling the existing PDFCreator-

PDFCreator-1_3_2_setup.exe /ForceInstall /PrinterName=AppName /SP- /SILENT /NOCANCEL /NORESTART /LANG=English /DIR="Program Files/AppName/" /NOICONS

I'm interested to know if it is possible to achieve the objectives, perhaps by using Inno to create a special version of the setup program.

Thanks for any help.


there are three concepts in PDFCreator that help you with this: Auto-save, Profiles and printers.

You can add a profile which is a full set of settings, that allow you to define a folder to automatically save the PDF files (this a called auto-save). You can then add a new printer from the PDFCreator Main Windows under Printer->Printers. You will need admin rights for this.

Once the printer is created, you can assign default profiles to them.

At the moment, this task has to be done manually. Making this automatic would require a bit of work. Depending on how many PCs you have, maye it is the easiest to export the profile and load and assign it on each PC. You can also create a reg file from the settings and load them with a script. You will only need to add the printer then.

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Thanks for the response. The potential users for the standard PDFCreator and the special version are several thousand. Usage of either or both is encouraged but not obligatory.  I cannot expect users to do anything other than download a setup exe and install as an administrator. Sounds like I would need to get someone to use Inno to create a special version of the installer that recognises if the 'other' is installed and then alter its setup accordingly to avoid clashes. Is the necessary information available in the source code to take this course of action? Presumably it would be enough to allocate the second printer to a different port and/or alter the test that currently looks for a previous installation.

Happy to make a $100 monetary contribution for the right solution.