Invalid characters in printed pdf file


I have a problem, with invalid characters, that occurs rather often when I'm creating a pdf file with PDFCreator 1.2.1, (happend with 1.2.0 as well).
The problem is with the character a (alfa) and o (omega) that is printed with the □ (square) symbol.
I'm running Windows 7 64-bit with IE9.

For example if I print this web page:öretag/Placeringar/301+i+årsränta+på+företagets+överskottslikviditet/1053852.html
o will be printed with the □ symbol.

This is a really anoing problem and I would be really happy if someone could helpme solve this issue!



I have similar problem.

Email address was printed incorrect.

Notes (music) was printed incorrect.

Solution - use version 0.98 - it works fine.

Best regards