Invalid Printer error

I keep getting this error

[Error] pdfforge.PDFCreator.Core.Ghostscript.OutputDevices.PrintingDevice.AddDeviceSpecificParameters: The default printer (PDFCreator) is invalid!

and it basically renders the function to send an email over SMTP useless because of this error. Can someone please assist?


Can someone please email me back on this? I have the trial version for the server edition but I simply cannot use the print to email function because of this error. Is there a number I can call and maybe have a webex with someone?



sorry for the late response, please email support(at) for faster replies.
Did you install the latest server version 1.1.0? I haven’t seen this issue before but the SMTP action in general seems to be working without any problems. Is the conversion successfull if you disable the SMTP action?

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