Issue with cut off when i convert a legal sized tif to a pdf


So I have some tif files and when I go to convert the files to a pdf using our PDF converter, it works but the size does not get converted and the files are cut off and they are letter size. I have had a similar issue with Architect that is still not resolved from August 2018 with very large Map size jpeg conversions, but this issue is with Architect

Any help would be appreciated and I have to say I have a lot of issues with this software since we purchased last summer and none of them have been resolved. I also can not believe that these issues are actually issues in software!


Hi @ccoy
We'll look into the other ticket as well. :slight_smile:

Since converting tif files with PDFCreator is basically like printing the files to a regular printer it's possible that PDFCreator isn't able to find a fitting Paper size. If the software you're using has the option to "print using the document size", kindly try that.
If the tif files always have the same size, you might also create a paper form on the print server, so PDFCreator can use it. Please see:

If both options won't work, please let me know what size the tif files usually have.


Thank you for responding back to my post. I was wondering that, but the tifs are scanned as just 8.5x14 legal sized scans by our scanner.

i was trying to right click on the tif file and do convert with Pdf Creator.