Issue with latest PDFCreator and Outlook

I have it set to open an email client (outlook 2010). I have 1.9.3 installed previous and everything was great, except that it would not run my outlook vba code that I just developed. So, I installed the latest PDFCreator and the VBA code runs good. However, there is an issue…

Every time I print it pulls up a new email window (like it should), however the PDFCreator window also shows (the windows where it says application settinngs and profile settings). I have to close it everytime, otherwise the next file I go to print using PDFCreator will just sit there and not open another new email screen.

Is there a way so that this screen does not show?


are you using the COM interface to control PDFCreator from your VBA code?
If yes, you shouldn’t be getting any PDFCreator windows and if you do it could indicate that our monitor pdfcmon.dll maybe didn’t get replaced properly during the update. Which version does the pdfcmon.dll have on your machine (it is located in Winodws\system 32 and you might need to enable “show hidden files” in the Windows Explorer options)?

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