Issues with 1.3.2

I had to install 3 times, and finally it was successfully installed with the Ghostscript it needs...

Now, I got it running, but was unable to print anything from Outlook...  was ok with 1.3.1, please advise.

Can I go back to 1.3.1?

Please describe exactly what happen. Did you get the printing dialog?

Yes, it did, and a blank page was shown.

Plase check if in Options\\Ghostscript "Additional Ghostscript parameters" is empty!

Checked, it is empty. 

Today tried print out of MS Excel, again went through, but getting a blank page as well.

My bad, looked at the at the wrong line, "Additional Ghostscript parameters" is not empty, unselected it, and it works for both Outlook and MS Excel.


Hey ardy, you really helping out Appreciated