Issues with printing multiple sized document

Hello Support,

Hope this is a quick fix that you guys can help us with.  We set up a PDF Creator server to handle batch conversion of word/excel files.  When printing documents with multiple sized pages, the first change in page size prints correctly but any subsequent page thereafter reverts back to letter size.  For example, we have a 4 page document (first 2 pages are in letter size and pages 3 and 4 are 11x17) to convert.  The 3rd page will convert correctly to 11x17 but page 4 will convert to letter size.  We did some troubleshooting and this appears to be an issue with PDF Creator and the windows profile.  At one point everything was working correctly until we inadvertently updated the PDF Creator version.  Afterwards we started having this issue.  If worse comes to worse, we will delete the current profile and re-create.  But was hoping someone came across the same issue and have a fix.  Maybe there is a way to set PDF Creator to default by updating a setting in the registry?  Thanks so much for reading this long and for giving any advice.


did you update to 1.7.3 or use the latest beta 1.9.3?

I believe it was upgraded to the latest beta version.  We then uninstalled and reinstalled the previous version that was installed… which was 0.9.8.