Java API

I would like tor create a Java API on top of PDFCreator. What I have in thought is to call the COM API via Jacob.

Is this the preferd way to use PDFCreator from Java? Has this already been done by someonelse?

Where should I start? Is there any documentation on the COM API or is the samples the place to start looking?


Magnus Grimsell


as far as I know there is noone working on a Java API so far. Using Jacob (or a similar COM Wrapper) is the right way, I would think.

Probably it is a good start to have a look at the COM samples, that give a general overview on the COM Interface. After that, it probably makes sense to look at the VB code of the COM Class itself and then start doing the Wrapper with Jacob.

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I' also quite interested in calling pdfcreator form Java. Do you already have any results? Will you open source your Java API?

 No, we havn't started on this yet. We will probably have something working in a couple of weeks.

Yes, our plan is to open source the Java API. Either if the PDFCreator wants it as a part of the main project or as an own project (PDFCreator4J).

I'll let you know when we have made som progress.


Our Java API is now available at sourceforge: 

That's great news!

I have added your project to the newly created page of PDFCreator-related projects:

kind regards,

PS: for all: if there are other projects to be mentioned here, just let me know and I will add them (surely have forgotten some)

Unfortunately, this has to work on Linux so I can't use any printer driver solution. Besides that, this is a J2EE web application, so what I need it to do is, when the user clicks a button a Struts Action is called that loads any number of Word docs from the database and converts them to PDF. So what I really need is an API, not a driver or a 3rd-party application.


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