JavaScript Action - Extract PDF Pages Based on Content

I have to extract pages from big PDF based on the content. I’ve found a Java Script that apparently works on Acrobat XI Pro, see

Aparanetly, Architect uses the same Java Script language, as “PDF Architect allows you to use all capabilities specified in the JavaScript™ for Acrobat® API Reference”, see


  1. Will the “Extract PDF Pages Based on Content” script work in PDF Architect?
  2. Does anybody have any experience using JavaScript with PDF Architect and/or Acrobat Pro? Would like to make direct contact!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nala,

as long as it doesn’t include calls to the actual Adobe API, it should work in PDF Architect if it works in Acrobat, but actually running the script might work differently, since Adobe provides some additional tools to trigger scripts upon e.g. opening the document, while you need to bind them to some object event in PDF Architect (e.g. click a button to run the script).

Best regards