Just a couple of questions

Question 1:

I’m trying to install pdfcreator 2.0.2 on my windows server 2012 but it won’t give me the option to install on server. I want to use the program to let my 50+ users print documents to .PDF. But i dont know if i can share a printer when it’s installed on client mode and not server mode.

Question 2: 
In the previous versions you had to have the program opened up to work, because it didn’t run as a service. is this problem solved in the 2.0.2 version, and if not how can i fix it?

Question 3: 
I want to let the users print to their personal home folder, but when i install the program and use the it will put every file in the home folder of the user that installed PDFCreator and not in the folder of the person that tries to print. 

I hope you guys can give me some answers because i really liked this program and i hope i can make use of it again.


there will no longer be a server mode for the desktop aplication, we are working on a separate service for this instead. Currently the latest version to support server mode is 1.7.3.

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