Keep postscript bitmap settings

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When I want to make a pdf from a document using special fonts, I have to set the postscript option to “bitmap” or “vectorial”. Is there a way to make this setting permanent or shall I do it for each document ?


where did you set this?
If you set it in the Windows control panel (not during the print job), it should be stored permanently.

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I’m using Win7 64 pro. It seems that my problem comes from I’m using profiles, on a multi-users machine. When I set this setting on a local account, on the “peripherals and printers” section, the parameter remains and all is working fine but when another user is logged on his session, this parameter comes back to "automatic’ instead of bitmap or vectorial. And when I want to correct the settings in the panel control, I have to get higher priviledges and then run as an admin, but then, this parameter isn’t memorized. I guess  it’s not a problem with pdfcreator, but a win7 issue. I have to find a way to keep this setting for every users.
Any idea ?