Large amounts of disk space being used


When I run a large report (say 200MB) and print to PDF Creator, the spooler uses an enourmous amount of disk space (in the multi-GB range). Then when I finally run out of hard disk space, it doesn't come back when I kill the print.

First, can you tell me why this is? Second, can you tell me were the spooler writes to while it's spooling?

I imagine the disk space loss is due to paging, but why doesn't the space come back? And why is it using so much space to begin with?


Update. now I can't print at all to PDFCreator. I get an error screen now when I try to print:

5 (Invalid procedure call or argument)

Module modPDF

Procedure GetPSHeader

Line 50140

Im wondering if everyone using the autosave feature and then the automatically print to hardware printer option is having this issue. 

I did a test today by pausing the hardware printer.

The pdf file that is autosaved is only 25kb.

Opening up the pdf and printing to the hardware printer shows in the hardware printer queue as 302kb.

Letting pdfcreator automatically forward to hardware printer results in the pdf being 93.3mb. This is huge. 

Im suspecting something to do with the ghostscript.