Large PDFs being generated from Autodesk Revit


Using PDFCreator 2.1.1 on Windows 7/64-bit.  In conjuction with Autodesk Revit 2014, PDFCreator is generating large PDFs from views with non-rectangular crop regions as described in the Revit support article here:

Sample PDFs are available here, generated from both PDFCreator 2.1.1 and from Nitro PDF for comparison:

The difference is dramatic: over a tenfold difference in generated PDF file size.

Autodesk's article claims that this can be resolved with the PDF generation rather than within Revit; the disparity between PDFCreator and Nitro seems to confirm that.

I did not find this issue in a forum search on terms "revit", "crop region", nor "large pdf files".

Is this something that can be fixed (or worked around) in PDFCreator?  Is more information needed?

Thank you!

-Dan Glassman 


which setting do you have for the printing quality in the advanced setttings of the PDFCreator printer? It is 600 DPI by default which might not be needed, settings this to 300 DPI should help a bit. Could you send the postscript file for the printjob to
Then we will have another look at this issue.

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Is there an update to this issue. We are having the same issue.


did you try with the latest version 2.5.3?
It doesn’t look like this was ever followed up.

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